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Riding A Crazy Train

Posted: August 1, 2013 by JH Glaze in Promotion, videos
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Want a free signed copy of one of my books? Here is how to get it: Choose any of my books from Click on any book. Record a video of yourself reading the BOOK DESCRIPTION (blurb). Upload your video to YouTube and then send me the link to it.

Again, the link to my Amazon page is

Offer good for the first 50 videos. Paperback editions will be mailed to USA customers only. **UPDATE** Authorgraphed ebooks will be issued if you do not live in the USA, or if the book you want is not available in paperback.

Heather Badgwell is getting a signed book!


Wolfen Lee McKoy is getting a signed book!

Something different to do on a dark and stormy night.


In case you missed the launch party for Rune, my new serial novel written with mature young adults in mind, you can watch the interview videos we made here. First, the welcome:


A little bit about Fandom Fest:


A little bit about why I chose to write young adult fiction, albeit Mature YA:


A behind the scene look into our writing and editing process:


I talk about Rune and try not to give away any spoilers. Susan tells about her reaction to the cliffhanger at the end of episode 2:


I talk about Compendium, Mostcool Media, and Susan begs for followers on her blog and fan pages: