An author, artist and web designer, I tell stories that pull the reader into an alternate world. My books offer you an opportunity to enjoy an experience similar to watching a movie. I don’t try to impress my readers with fancy language, or tell them every detail of a scene right down to the stains on the upholstery on a chair on the other side of the room. Instead, I take you through the story at a pace that is just like real life – often on mass quantities of adrenalin.

When we experience life,  a lot of the detail goes unnoticed as it becomes part of the background. I want to throw you into that room with the action, let the energy carry you, and let you walk out without a scratch. When I first asked some friends to test read my first book, it took them a while to  take the plunge. Then they say, “I couldn’t put it down, I was looking for opportunities to read it at work!”

You may not have heard of me, you may know me, you may be a coworker or an old friend, but when you read my stories, you are sure to say, “Dude, that was some wild shit! I had no idea you were a writer!” My wife asked me to add this warning: I am not polite  I am not politically correct, and my stories usually contain salty language.


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