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Posted: April 13, 2015 by JH Glaze in Uncategorized

If you are planning to attend the World Horror Convention from May 7-10 you may be interested in the FREE workshop I am presenting there. It is tentatively scheduled for Friday May 8 at 11 AM, and if you are an author, this one is for you.

While there are many resources out there for promoting your books online, there is little in the way of guidance for selling your books in the public setting of an event or convention. After several years of experimentation I have developed a working methodology that when used regularly can turn an author into a book selling phenomenon and enable them to outsell most other authors at different types of events.

Here is a testimonial from someone who has seen the Methodology in action:

Jettie Necole – Author of The Vault

“J.H. Glaze will dazzle you with his ability to fill an empty hand with a book. That hand may not be expecting a book, but whether it handles books regularly or not much at all, that hand will leave with a J.H. Glaze clutched in it. His smooth comeback to any sideways comment is not only clever, but brings a halt in a potential new fan’s step and a smile.

I sat three days beside him at Fandom Fest (Louisville 2014), watching him hone his ability on the unsuspecting passers-by. Let me correct that, I stood by him. J.H. Glaze doesn’t sit, he stands, he gets people’s attention. It was kind of magical. Even if they claimed to not read, they left with a book. Even if they said they had no intention of buying books, they left with a book.

I believe he has a natural way with words. He is quick, he is on the mark, and like a Siren, once he opens his mouth, you’re captivated. I think authors are generally shy and don’t put forth an effort when they are at conventions. They usually sit there without making a sale. I quickly learned a few helpful lines from J.H. and before I knew it, I sold the most books I sold that year.”


So, if you get the chance to attend, here is the breakdown on what we will discuss:

An Author’s Guide to Selling and Promoting at Conventions

Price: Free to all attendees.

Audience:  Any author that has previously attended events to promote or sell their books and would like to increase their sales and exposure, or those who have not and wish to do so.

Time/Handouts: 1 hour. Document handouts on USB drives for first 25 Attendees to arrive.

Overview: While there are endless resources available for selling your books online, there is rarely information available for selling more of them at conventions. This workshop will present a tested methodology for increasing sales and presence at any event.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Selecting Appropriate Events for your Content/Setting Goals – Before you schedule a convention appearance, make sure your products are a good fit for the audience. Identify your goals.
  • Leveraging Resources to Negotiate Pricing – Sometimes, con organizers are willing to negotiate prices, dependent on what you can bring to the table.
  • Event Preparation – Before the event, there are many things that can be obtained at little expense that will carry the message of your writing home with attendees. Not only will the items be discussed, but tips for design and affordable vendors to use to obtain them.
  • The Con Toolkit – When attending an event, you can never be sure how the room will be set until you arrive. What should you take with you to set up your booth or table, and how can you utilize those things to assist others with their setup (for relationship building).
  • Maintaining the Positive Attitude/Managing Expectations – it can sometimes take a while to make that first sale. How can you keep smiling if things are not seeming to go your way?
  • Socializing and Partying – Should you or not? Is there a difference? The pitfalls of having TOO MUCH FUN.
  • The Carnival Barker – Multiple approaches will be discussed for getting people to stop and talk to you. This will be an open discussion to find out what might be right for you.
  • The Qualifying Questions – Is there a chance to sell to this prospect, or will you waste time with them while real readers are walking by?
  • The 3 Steps of Selling the Book. – There are specific steps that will lead to charging their credit card. Learn them and how to use them effectively.
  • Overcoming Objections – Not only after the pitch, and dealing with people who say they only read eBooks, but what to do when people say they don’t read.
  • Closing the Deal – He who speaks first loses, what to ask before taking their money.
  • Dealing with Multiple Prospects – What do you do when two or more people are interested at the same time?
  • Training the Stand-In – When you are on a panel and someone is watching your table, how can you guarantee readers will come back when “They want to talk to the Author”?
  • You Sold the Book, Now What? – How to follow up after the event to encourage additional sales at future events.

About J.H. Glaze:

Living in the heart of the South, J.H. Glaze spins tales that will grab you by the throat and not let you go until the last page. If you are a fan of Horror, Thrillers, Action, and like the occasional dash of Humor in the mix, Glaze is the author who should be on your reading short list. His stories are packed with punch and wit, and when you meet him at a Horror/SciFi/Fantasy convention, he will invite you to read a few paragraphs and try to stop – if you can.

He has produced 16 titles over the past 5 years, almost all in the Horror and Paranormal genres. He has also developed a tried and true method for selling and promoting books (and anything else) to readers in a face-to-face show floor environment.

  1. Your workshop was fantastic and worth every penny I’ve spent at the World Horror Convention 2015. Splendid information, well presented with a large dose of practicality all served with a large dose of humor. Fun and educational – thanks!

  2. Hello, since you are not using this blog anymore (the latest post was in 2005:P), I was wondering if I could please have this username? I’m really interested in history and the crossing of Rubicon and Rome in particular.nRegards, Eivind Come on

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