The Myth of the Facebook Page ‘Like’

Posted: August 20, 2013 by JH Glaze in Promotion, Uncategorized
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So you created your brand spankin new FB page, and now you sit and wait for folks to Like it. You sit. You wait. Then you get an idea. You have seen Like exchanges before, so  you start a like exchange group. The Likes start adding up. You reach the great 100. 200. 300. Before you know it, you have hit the hallowed 1000 and nothing seems to standing in your way of the one million Likes mark. Wouldn’t that be cool? Well if you are hoping to get some activity from all of those likes, actually it’s not so cool.

I remember when I first started using FB and created my first page. Back in those days when you had a page and posted to it, everybody who had liked the page could see your posts. Then FB became a publicly traded company and they had to make money, so they had to throttle the free aspects of the site and start making us pay for advertising. How did they do it?  They reduced the number of people who can see your posts and added the ‘Boost This’ button.

The Boost This button used to be called Promote, but I guess that word was too hard to understand, so they changed it (like they keep changing everything). So now if you want people to actually SEE your posts, you have to Boost them. At least they have given us options on how much we want to spend to boost. Here is a screenshot of my options.


According to this, even though I only have 2135 Likes on my page, for $75 I can reach up to 22,000. Well, not really. No matter what budget you select, you will never reach that uppermost number. Then there are the RULES about what you can promote. Take a look at this failed promotion. They used half of my money and then decided that my boosted picture had too much text in it. See the pink box in the grab below.


All I can say is “What the fuck?”

It is only fair to show you how many people see my posts without the boost. This one is on the HIGH end, usually it is more like 100-200 who saw a post.


So here I am rambling all over the place. I guess I should get to the point. Here are my suggestions for FB Likes:

  • Post links to you page everywhere, but don’t let people PIMP it out.
  • Allow the likes to grow on their own
  • Do not give away books or prizes for Facebook likes. You are shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Avoid ‘Like Share’ pages and schemes. If you are a horror author and 500 fans of only romance stories like your page, what the fuck good does it do you?
  • Only pay to boost important things such as a FREE Book promo, or some really cool stuff you think people will share.
  • THE MORE POPULAR YOUR PAGE BECOMES (LIKES) THE MORE IT COSTS YOU TO BOOST IT. (This might not be the case. Perhaps the advertising rates have gone up over time? When I first started paying to promote a post, it didn’t cost so much to reach more people.)

Ultimately if you leave it alone and just promote yourself on FB and through other outlets, the number of likes on your pages will increase. It will be slow, but the people who like you will really be people who clicked that Like button because they Like what you are doing, not because they were trying to win a prize or get more Likes for THEIR page.

Hope you Liked this post. Comments and corrections encouraged. This is based on my own experience. If yours is different I would love to hear from you.


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