The Great Equalizer

Posted: July 18, 2013 by JH Glaze in Stories
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One moonlit night, a tortoise was slowly walking through a field in search of food. His quest had met with little success when a frog came hopping by.

“Pray tell, my friend, what brings you out on this lovely night?” inquired the frog as it hopped in circles around the tortoise.

merry green frog

“I am hungry and trying to find something I might eat,” replied the tortoise. “I have been searching this field for days and have been unsuccessful thus far. I am quite famished.”

“Why not eat some of the juicy insects?” the frog replied, shooting his tongue out to catch a fat moth that was passing by. He chewed and swallowed the moth before continuing, “Oh, I see. A tortoise is too slow to catch even the slowest of bugs around here. Surely, there must be something that would suffice. What else is there that could satisfy your hunger?”

The tortoise contemplated this question for a moment and replied, “There are many things I could eat if I could catch them. In fact, Mr. Frog, if you would hold still for a few minutes, I could even eat you.”

At that the frog laughed. “Why, Mr. Tortoise, I had no idea that the likes of one such as me would delight your palate. Too bad for you that you are so slow. You would never have the opportunity to savor such a delicacy.”

“Of course, you are correct. I am slow, but I am also of a family who has learned the power of the Great Equalizer.”

Eastern Box Turtle

Used by permission. Bill Hubrick at

The tortoise continued walking as he spoke. “If I pray to the Great Equalizer, he may favor me and grant my request. I need only enter into his house and await his response.”

The frog was intrigued by this concept, he had never heard of such things. “This being is so powerful, is it, that it might give you whatever you want? Even if what you want is me? You have piqued my curiosity, sir. Where is this house of the Great Equalizer? I would like to see for my own eyes how this being fulfills your prayer.”

“His house is nearby, but surely you have other things to do…”

“No, take me there. I need to see this. Surely you think me a fool,” the frog insisted.

“Follow me then and perhaps I can make a believer of you. However, keep in mind, he does not always provide. We simply have faith that if we live a pure life, our needs may be met when we ask of him.” The turtle turned and headed in a different direction, the frog hopping around him and occasionally asking more questions.

After a while, the pair came to a highway and the turtle stopped at the edge of the road. “We are here,” he announced, “Please excuse me while I ask of the Great Equalizer.” With that, he bowed his head and closed his eyes.

The frog was thinking what a fool the tortoise was to believe that this place would be home to a powerful being. He began to taunt the tortoise, hopping around him and going further and further out into the road. The tortoise ignored his foolishness and continued to concentrate on his prayer. Suddenly, a speeding car came by.

The frog was hopping not far from the edge of the road when the tires hit him. Instantly, he was crushed and thrown to the side. Just then, the tortoise opened his eyes and watched as his tormentor landed at his feet, fully prepared for dinner. As the red tail lights disappeared in the distance, the tortoise smiled and said aloud, “Thank you, Great Equalizer, for this feast you have given me.” …and he commenced eating the frog.

For the back story, check out Mostcool Susie’s blog

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